Bottles of 100 mL



Prevention and treatment of all kinds of disorders of the haematopoiesis, anaemias caused by miss-feeding, infection, parasites or post-hemorrhage , amongst others.
General restorer tonic for metabolic disorders , weakness and weight loss because of deficient feeding, exhaustion because of excessive work, of high production, lack of appetite, convalescence from parasite and infectious illnesses, intoxications, fractures, sexual exhaustion, fertility disorders amongst others.
Potent stimulant of appetite and growth; also milk and meat production.
Specific for the treatment of illnesses produced by haematic protozoa (anaplasm, piroplasm).


Cattle: 10 to 12 mL
Calves: 5 to 10 mL
Sheep: 5 mL
Pigs: Under 50kg 3mL. Over 50kg 5mL

In larger species the complete treatment consists of a series of 5 doses, one every 3 days. In severe cases apply daily until the treatment is finished according to the professional criteria of the veterinarian. For minor disorders, apply twice a week.
Intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous (slow application)

Cobalt gluconate 0,07 g
Copper gluconate 0,02 g
Manganese gluconate 0,02 g
Vitamin B12 0,015 g
Folic acid 1,5 g
Sodium cacodylate trihydrate 2,0 g
Iron ammonium citrate 2,0 g
Sodium glycerophosphate 1,0 g
Formulation agents q.s. 100 mL