Bottles of 500 mL and 100 mL


Prevention and treatment of bovine and sheep foot rot caused by deterioration of the skin.
Low percentage of procreation or increased calving-1st.heat period
Retention of placenta.
Prevention and/or treatment of "oat tetany" (hypomagnesaemia).
It can be given to animals 24 hrs. before oat grazing.
As adjuvant in infectious illnesses and prevention of keratoconjuntivitis.
Generally, indicated in any case where lack of Magnesium and/or Zinc is suspected


1 mL/10 kg body weight

Strategic application: pre labor and pre-service periods, with green sprout, stressful situations and climate changes, previous to alfalfa grazing and weaning.

As routine: every 20 or 30 days pre-labor to eliminate dystocia, retention of the placenta

Subcutaneous – DO NOT SURPASS 20 mL per application point. Frequency and doses can be modified according to the criteria of the veterinarian.

Magnesium dextronate 16,79 g.
Calcium dextronate 8,55 g.
Zinc dextronate 4,67 g.
Copper dextronate 0,58 g.
Cobalt dextronate 0,29 g.
Manganese dextronate 0,26 g.