Dear Colleague:
For forty years we have been treading together this arduous path of cattle raising production.
We have been motivated by facts such as:

The inauguration of our new Laboratories in step with GMP Standards.

Our close presence to the professional veterinarian who specializes in animal production at the moment he needs to think of a serious and responsible laboratory.

The unceasing search for new working methods suitable for today’s need for high productivity.

Contributions and debate, with differing opinions, about guaranteed ways of treating cattle, taking into consideration the individual as the "nth" part of animal universe.

The development, together with colleagues, technicians and producers, of ways for practical and profitable supplements for vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are so common in extensive or semi-extensive exploitation.

The delving into that deep and even little known world of the enzymes; the possibilities of improvement as much in agriculture and livestock management as in the phenotypic manifestations of dairy and meat herds so taking control of the true bio-available enzymatic catalyst that activates everything.

The continuation of propagating our philosophy (with slight modifications) to countries throughout the world so as to improve cattle raising production.
In the short description of our products, you can find the key to discovering about a good number of experiments, technical studies and research developments which are available for anyone who wishes to contact our firm.

Our professional team, as well as our technicians, office staff and employees in general work daily not only to supply you with the best products but also with the best attention and service.

We look forward to hearing from you.