Research and innovation
in agro-veterinary products


We seek to be a benchmark Veterinary Laboratory in the sector, increasing our participation both in the Argentine Market and in the rest of Latin America, Europe, Africa, Eastern Markets and Countries of the Whole World; through ethical and responsible product production and marketing agro-veterinary.
Always based on a highly qualifed human team and committed to the Company, which complies with the policies and standards of the highest quality for the beneft of our customers.


Develop, manufacture and market agro-veterinary products of the highest quality, counting on highly trained technicians for constant development and in this way contribute to the improvement of the conditions of animal health and welfare. In conjunction with colleagues, technicians and producers, develop practical and proftable forms of mineral supplementation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so common in livestock farming. Committed to the catalytic enzyme world and enzyme catalysis that activates everything. 

“The most important thing is the treatment plans according to the animal needs and always thinking about prevention”

Founder of Laboratorios Agroinsumos

We've developed
a new concept in
animal nutrition