Bottle of 100 & 500 ml

In Cattle, it is indicated for the prevention and treatment of primary defciencies of copper, zinc and manganese, or secondary, caused by excesses of molybdenum, sulfur, iron or other interferers in the ingested food (forage and water). These defciencies usually occur with clinical signs such as hiccups or achromotriquia, diarrhea and reproductive failures of nutritional origin, decreased body condition, osteoarticular injuries and less resistance to infections.
Let’s add, its use is recommended to achieve better weight gains in poor Cu-Zn-Mn herds.
In sheep and goats, it is also recommended for defciencies such as enzootic ataxia (swayback) in lambs.

Dosage and admnistration

Calves up to 200 kpv:
1 ml / 50 kpv.
Steers and rearing heifers (more than 200 kpv – 400 kpv): 4 ml / animal.
Adult cows: 5 ml total. Adult bulls: 6 ml total.
Adult sheep and goats: 1-2 ml / animal depending on size.
Lambs and kids: 0.33 ml / animal.

Cattle, calves and animals for rearing:
every 120 days, from 3 months of age. It is recommended to carry out a blood copper evaluation prior to its application.
Cows: apply 1 month before the service season and in the last third of gestation.
Bulls: apply 3 months before the start of the service period

  • Copper Edetate9.60 g
  • Zinc Edetate7.88 g
  • Manganese Edetate33.78 g
  • Formulation agents q.s.100 ml