Iodohormone Oral

Plastic containers of 1, 2 & 5 liters

Auxiliary agent in the case of the need to increase the levels of iodine, copper, cobalt, phosphorous and manganese during pregnancy, lactation, growth, fattening, convalescence, pre-delivery and pre-service, pre and post-weaning.
A complement when the pastures are deficient, when soils are impoverished or when there are problems of the digestive tract which prevent the correct assimilation of forage.
Dietary complement to prevent a deficiency of iodine, copper, cobalt, phosphorous, and manganese.

Dosage and admnistration

Horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.
The administration is exclusively by oral via. Administer together with drinking water.

  • Metal iodine0.20 g
  • Potassium iodide*0.40 g
  • Copper sulfate pentahydrate**0.943 g
  • Choline chloride***0.30 g
  • Sodium glycerophosphate1.00 g
  • Manganese sulfate****0.65 g
  • Formulation Agents q.s.100 ml

* Equivalent to 0.3057 gm of iodine
** Equivalent to 0.240 gm of Copper
*** Equivalent to 0.136 gm of Cobalt
**** Equivalent to 0.237 gm of Manganese