Optimizador Bio PLUS with ATP

For export only
Bottle of 500 ml

Vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement. It reinforces the dietary contributions to improve the levels of the assets and that are important during lactation, pregnancy, growth, fattening, convalescence, pre and post-partum, pre-service and in pre and post-weaning.
Strengthens the animal when applied in conjunction with deworming practices.
Improves fleece and wool texture in sheep.

Dosage and admnistration

Cattle, sheep, pigs, in all their categories: The recommended dose is 1-2 ml / 50kg body weight.
The product is used parenterally. Subcutaneous via.

It can be repeated after 15-45 days, according to the recommendation of the acting veterinarian. Duration of treatment: according to the criteria of the acting professional and the response of the herd treated.

  • ATP1.145 g
  • Potassium Iodide0.40 g
  • Calcium Gluconate H2O1.87 g
  • Cobalt Edetate x H2O1.25 g
  • Copper Edetate x 4H2O1.50 g
  • Iron Edetate x 3H2O1.25 g
  • Manganese Edetate x 2H2O0.65 g
  • Zinc Edetate x 2H2O0.10 g
  • Magnesium gluconate0.25 g
  • Vitamin B10.05 g
  • Vitamin B 120.015 g
  • Vitamin A0.70 g
  • Vitamin D30.000625 g
  • Vitamin E (A-tocopherol acetate)0.25 g
  • L-Arginine0.10 g
  • Sodium Selenite0.06 g
  • DL- Methionine0.10 g
  • L-Lysine HCL0.10 g
  • Wisteria0.06 g
  • Formulation agents q.s.100 ml